Stabilize Your Loose Dentures

Many people are faced with the necessity of removing  their natural teeth.  While there are numerous options for replacement, a full denture is often the treatment of choice or is the only choice possible for the patient.

Many patients are initially happy with their dentures, yet over a period of time they become frustrated with the fit, security, stability and comfort of them.  Other patients have problems adjusting to dentures immediately and have issues regardless of the efforts of their dentists to make them fit more comfortably or securely.

Methods used to improve the fit of dentures can include relines, adjusting the bite, cutting back the extensions of the denture or a combination of these procedures.  Often, these adjustments result in  a comfortable, well fitting, secure and stable denture, but at times, nothing  seems to make the denture comfortable or tight enough while eating or speaking.  Some patients even have problems just keeping the denture in their mouth due to gagging.

Recent advancement in treatment enables the denture wearer to be more comfortable and secure.  It involves the placement of four to six  implants in the anterior area of the jaw in either the upper or lower arch or both.  Implants are safe and effective in solving  the problem of a LOOSE and uncomfortable denture.  Implants improve the stability of a denture and bring comfort and confidence back to the denture wearer.

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